Rev. Dr. B. Nelson Little has been promoted to President of Sharper Brothers Records Inc. USA /Gospel Division.
Rev. Dr. Little, come to Sharper Brothers Record, as a versatile visionary, Pastor, Leader, Musician, songwriter, Preacher, and Teacher. As a Pastor, President Little, has Pastored, The Galilee Baptist Church, one of the 9 Churches burned by arsonist in February 2006, in rural Alabama, and also oversee another rural Church , New Fellowship Baptist Church in Tisheebee, AL, As a leader President Little has served as Vice Moderator of the Northbound Bethlehem District, and secretary for the New Era Progressive Baptist State Conversation of Alabama, President Little, has led his Church to be the only dual alliance church
In the Pickens Baptist Association in rural west Alabama
Where President Little on race relationships, ministering in the Federal Women Prison, Church Planting, and many evangelism outreaches, and missions venture. President Little is a native of Sumter County, (Panola, AL). He attended ASU, where he was a part of the Mighty Marching Hornets Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Beta Sigma Inc., SGA, F & A Masons. President Little has attended, Seminary at Samford, Hamilton and American Baptist Theological Seminary. President Little , is a Conference speaker, revivalist, and article writer, he is married to Sis. Barbara and the father of Jasmine.
Phone: (205) 454-5703,
2017 Sharper Brothers / Sharlat Record Inc.
The Soulfulaires
Rev. Dr. B. Nelson Little
Rev. Dr. Bob Little & The Soulfulaires
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Tuscaloosa, AL
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